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Create Custom Statuses in Skype

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Say what?!! Yes! It is true. It took me long enough (I'm not going to tell you how long) to find a solution to this problem. Personally, it came from being in Islands mode in Teams and the problem of presence not syncing between the two. I finally found an awesome blog by Stale. His links were outdated, so I kindly asked for them to be updated. I wanted this script!!

  1. Download the script from

  2. Change the default custom presence to the ones of your choosing

    1. Keep in mind, you can only have 4

    2. You can only use Busy, Available and DND. You cannot use Away. If you do, it will break the whole dang thing.

  3. From PowerShell admin run the below from the directory you saved the script

    1. .\Set-CsCustomPresence.ps1 (or whatever you named the script)

  4. You need to sign out of Skype and back in for the changes to take effect

  5. Bam!

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