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Exploring Your Physical Phone Options for Microsoft Teams Integration - As of March of 2024

Updated: Mar 18

I get asked all the time, "can I have a physical phone with Teams calling??"

Of course you can!

Check them out below!

Poly CCX 400

·        5in color touch screen

·        Entry level phone

·        PoE and USB port

Poly CCX 500

·        5in color touch screen

·        Bluetooth

·        WiFi

·        No handset option

Poly CCX 600

·        7in touch screen

·        WiFi and Bluetooth

·        2 USB ports

·        No handset option


Poly CCX EM60 Expansion Module

·        Plug and play with CCX500, 600 and 700 series

·        5 in color touch screen

·        20-line keys across 3 pages

Poly CCX350

·        Traditional dial pad experience         

·        2.8in color, non-touch screen

·        PoE, USB

·        Ideal for retail, warehouse location

Yealink MP54, MP58 and MP56

·        All touch screens

·        HD Audio

·        Built-in WiFi & Bluetooth (MP56 and 58)

·        Teams button


Yealink EXP50 – Pairs with Phones Yealink MP56 and MP58

·        4.3-inch non-touch screen

·        20 physical, programmable keys on 3 pages

·        Supports up to 3 modules daisy-chained

·        Extra USB port for flash drive (call recording capabilities)

Yealink MP50 USB Phone

·        4.3in color touch screen

·        Plug and play USB to PC

·        Ideal for desktop office and hot-desking use

·        USB and Bluetooth 

AudioCodes C455HD IP Phone

·        PoE, WiFi and Bluetooth

·        5-inch color touch screen

·        USB headset support

Expansion Module

·        Touchscreen expansion module

·        2 pages of 20 programmable

·        Expansion module touch screen only

AudioCodes C435HD IP Phone

·        PoE, USB, RJ-9 ports

·        4.3in color non-touch screen

AudioCodes C470HD IP Phone

·        5.5in full color touch screen

·        PoE, WiFi and Bluetooth

·        Executive, high-end phone

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