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Using Power BI to analyze MS Teams AA and CQ - Part 3 - Cloud Call Queue Agent Timeline

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Part 1 I went through the information shown in the Auto Attendants Analytics report. Describing what the information is actually telling you in the real world.

Part 2 I went through the information shown in the Call Queue Analytics report.

There are 3 areas to get information in the CQ and AA combined Analytics report: Cloud Auto Attendant Analytics, Cloud Call Queue Analytics and Cloud Call Queue Agent Timeline. I will give you more details on the Cloud Call Queue Agent Timeline.

Just to reiterate some limitations with these reports:

  • The data does not refresh on its own, it is not real time and must be refreshed manually.

  • It usually takes 30 minutes for data to come in after call is done but can take longer.

  • CQs and AAs are shown by Resource Account names.

  • Only 28 days of history is available in the dashboard because the data is considered personal data and is subject to data privacy retention policies.

  • You need a Power BI license to create the reports, but users can use the free version

Important Note: When a call arrives at the first call queue, if the number of calls already waiting in that queue has reached the Call overflow handling limit and if the redirect option sends new calls to a second call queue, then the agents in the second call queue will be shown as being in the first call queue on this report.

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05 dic 2023

Great info! Do you know if there's a way to see a list of the Abandoned calls having the source callerid? I'm very new to Power BI and have managed to get it set up but can only see the graph with a total count of abandoned calls.

Me gusta
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