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SSCA Certification from The SIP School

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

When I get asked what I do in my free time....I always answer spending time with my family, read, workout....the typical things. I very rarely mention my "nerdy" side because not many would understand anything that would come out of my mouth!

I am passionate about my career and learning as much as I can to further my knowledge. Something I've started in my spare time is training for my SSCA (SIP School Certified Associate). I'm not done, but dang! This course has been so good! I've been in the UC world for almost 15 years. I've come to a time in my current path where I don't have a lot of other UC techs out there to talk nerdy to and bounce ideas off of. This training has enabled me to accurately and articulately discuss telephony with Microsoft, major carrier vendors and local telcos.

I'll post the certification when I've earned it ;).


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