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Using Power BI to analyze MS Teams Auto Attendants and Call Queues - Part 2 - Call Queues Analytics

Part 1 I went through the information shown in the Auto Attendants Analytics report. Describing what the information is actually telling you in the real world. There are 3 areas to get information in the CQ and AA combined Analytics report: Cloud Auto Attendant Analytics, Cloud Call Queue Analytics and Cloud Call Queue Agent Timeline. I will give you more details on the Cloud Call Queue Analytic report.

Just to reiterate some limitations with these reports:

  • The data does not refresh on its own, it is not real time and must be refreshed manually.

  • It usually takes 30 minutes for data to come in after call is done but can take longer.

  • CQs and AAs are shown by Resource Account names.

  • Only 28 days of history is available in the dashboard because the data is considered personal data and is subject to data privacy retention policies.

  • You need a Power BI license to create the reports, but users can use the free version to view them.

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